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Our Vision…
To end homelessness in McHenry County one person at a time.

Our Mission…
To reconnect homeless men, women, and children with the community by providing emergency, transitional, and preventive services and to raise public understanding regarding homelessness in McHenry County.

McHenry County PADS Homeless Prevention Program

The Homeless Prevention Assistance Program is available to persons at risk of becoming homeless who have valid proof of 30 day residency in McHenry County. Persons who are eligible have access to the Day Center facilities, case management, and $100.00 per year (maximum) to be used for issues relating to homeless prevention such as apartment rent, security deposit, utilities, medication, or transportation costs. The availability of this program helps PADS combat homelessness before it begins. In addition, McHenry County PADS case managers work with a number of other agencies to provide linkage and referrals as appropriate for each individuals needs and circumstances in order to prevent people from becoming homeless.