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Our Vision…
To end homelessness in McHenry County one person at a time.

Our Mission…
To reconnect homeless men, women, and children with the community by providing emergency, transitional, and preventive services and to raise public understanding regarding homelessness in McHenry County.

Monthly Giving Program

Change Lives Every Month

Join the Partner in PADS Monthly Giving Program

Click here and Sign up to be a monthly donor!

Over 88% of our resources go directly towards programs and services to help the homeless men, women and children of McHenry County. You can provide steady on-going support to sustain PADS.

Stay Informed

Receive newsletters and learn about the people you help.

*This will reduce the cost of printing, mailing and labor. Allowing more money to be used to help our clients.

How to change lives every month

Choose a donation level that works for you!

The McHenry County Partner in PADS Monthly Giving Plan is a convenient way for you to make a donation and it helps us reduce our administrative costs leaving more money to help those who come to us for help. You have the pride of knowing that your monthly donation provides a dependable source of funds to help us make long-term plans for programs and services to help end homelessness in McHenry County.

Give hope all year with the ease of monthly, quarterly or semi-annual giving. The minimum monthly donation is $10 it may seem like a small amount, but it can add up and help the homeless men, women and children in a big way. The average contribution is between $30 and $50 per month but you choose what is best for your budget.

You can increase, decrease or cancel your donation at anytime.

Your contribution is deductible. PADS is a 501 c 3 not-for profit organization.


Your monthly contribution can provide steady on-going support
that will help us save and change lives for those less fortunate.

It’s as easy as 1,2,3 to sign up!

1. Sign up using the attached link above

2. By contacting your bank and setting up an electronic debit
monthly. You can choose the amount and day.

3. Call our office and sign up (815) 759-7114 ask for Christin!

Your membership can be modified or cancelled at any time. These
programs allow McHenry County PADS to limit our overhead costs
and apply your contribution to the people who need it most:
needy families and children. Monthly contributions are critical
to the success of our work.


No, using your credit card is one way to allow your donation to
be used most efficiently to help those in need. You can also use
a checking account draft, or write a monthly check. We offer a
mail-based option through the Partners in PADS program.
Each month, you’ll receive a receipt and a program update via mail.
To join using these options, mail in your information or contact
Christin Kruse at 815-759-7114.


By becoming a Partner in PADS, you support programs and
services that are helping to provide the hundreds of men,
women and children with the basic needs they desperately
need to lead happy, healthy, productive lives. As a partner, you
provide long-term sustainable programs such as: improving
and assisting the homeless with healthcare needs, supplying
more food, transportation and providing shelter year-round.
You will be helping the homeless people get re-connected into
the community, which ultimately, benefits us all.


With over 88% of resources going directly towards programs and
services, your monthly donation will have the maximum impact
where it is needed most.