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Our Vision…
To end homelessness in McHenry County one person at a time.

Our Mission…
To reconnect homeless men, women, and children with the community by providing emergency, transitional, and preventive services and to raise public understanding regarding homelessness in McHenry County.

Donations and Monetary Gifts

If you’d like to make a monetary donation, you may do so online – please Click on the Just Give button above. For other options, please call us at 1-815-338-5231 x13

There are a variety of different giving options available see below.

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We are currently looking for Sponsorships and Silent Auction donations to be used at the “Emerson Drive” concert on Friday, February 29, 2008.

If your business is looking for more exposure to the community this event is it!

Forms are available in the events tab click hereEvents

For information on our Monthly Giving Program Click here…

With a variety of benefits, our customized sponsorship opportunities provide a strong platform for corporate giving. There are many ways for your company, vendors and employees to get involved.

OFFER A MATCHING GIFTS PROGRAM Matching Gifts program encourages associates to contribute to qualifying nonprofit organizations of their choice. The program offers a way to double up to a specific dollar amount per employee that is contributed each calendar year — associates’ contribute cash or securities to their favorite organizations and thus improve their communities. Dollar for dollar your company will match up to the specified amount per person each year.
Typically there are certain guidelines companies set up. Check with your attorney or accountant to see how your company can offer this program.

SPONSORSHIPS PADS hosts major fundraising events each year to support innovative programs that have helped PADS clients with valuable programs & services that re-connect them back into the community as productive members of our community. PADS fundraisers provide valuable funding for these services.
Companies may become sponsors of our benefits, fundraisers, and other popular events.

To learn more about our Events click here

EMPLOYEE PARTICIPATION Employers can support PADS by encouraging their employees to form a volunteer team for our events or even host your own event to benefit PADS! It’s an exciting and fun way to boost staff morale and teamwork while raising money for an important cause.

IN-KIND GIFTS Donate your company’s services and products – from printing to food and beverage. Your company will receive tax benefits and have the satisfaction of helping people in need who are homeless.

If your company has available job opportunities contact PADS case managers at x11, x16 or x25 to see if there is someone in the program who may be a fit for the position.

Bequests – Leave a Legacy
Leave a legacy by remembering PADS in your will, estate plan or other long-range financial arrangement. Your legacy gift can assist you and your family through tax benefits and reduced estate and income taxes.

A BEQUEST can be established easily and is an excellent way to support PADS future.

Your bequest can leave:

A piece of real estate, stocks, certificates of deposit

An existing life insurance policy

Retirement plan

Memorial and Tributes
Gifts to McHenry County PADS are an excellent way to pay tribute to a person. By giving a gift in memory or honor of someone who has touched your life, you can help others overcome obstacles in their life.

MEMORIAL and TRIBUTE GIFTS are a thoughtful and appropriate way to honor a loved one in sympathy or as a living memorial. When you make a donation as a memorial or tribute, we will send a beautiful card notifying the family or honoree of your generosity, keeping the amount confidential.

TRIBUTE GIFTS are a perfect way to celebrate accomplishments or draw attention to special occasions such as birthdays, Bat/Bar Mitzvah, anniversaries, weddings, Mother’s Day, graduations, etc.

• Have your guests honor your special occasion by making a gift to McHenry County PADS.

• In lieu of traditional favors, mark your special moment by making a donation to PADS. You will receive a gift letter in support of your contribution.

The finest memorial or tribute of all is that your gift will support PADS clients and programs as well as expressing your love, recognition or condolences.

Each type of bequest has different advantages and should be thoroughly reviewed with your attorney

The benefit of donating to PADS is the reassurance that donations made, provide direct support to individuals who need to have the services that McHenry County PADS offer. Without PADS where would the homeless men, women and children in McHenry County go? You are making a difference one person at a time!