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Our Vision…
To end homelessness in McHenry County one person at a time.

Our Mission…
To reconnect homeless men, women, and children with the community by providing emergency, transitional, and preventive services and to raise public understanding regarding homelessness in McHenry County.

Fundraising ideas

Financial support is critical for the future of PADS. Clients receive programs and services like food, shelter, mental health counseling, prescription and medical assistance, transportation, transitional living home and more free of charge! Your help in keeping PADS FINANCIALLY SOUNDS helps to sustain these valuable services!!

1. Make Donations Cans and distribute to surrounding area stores, pick up proceeds

2. Make some kind of Pins for homeless awareness and sell them

3. Organize a garage sale, carwash, bake sale, etc… and give proceeds to PADS

4. Get pumpkins donated and sell them (October)

5. Have a spook house/funfair in gym to benefit PADS (October)

6. Host a Bowling night to benefit PADS

7. Do a Christmas Caroling event at the malls to collect for the homeless or gift wrapping

8. Have an around the world dinner party

  • Organize tables representing various countries’ traditional meals and charge guests a flat fee where they can choose foods from the different tables
  • Each class picks a country and hosts a dinner party example:
  • Japan- transform your classroom into a Japanese eatery- work with an area Japanese restaurant to decorate room and get food- Charge families to attend
  • Another class room could do Ireland and have an area restaurant sponsor that classroom
  • The class will learn about the different cultures while they are fundraising for a cause and the participants can try and see all the different cultures too

9. Hold a tournament

10. Organize a dinner/dance

11. Work with a business where a percentage of the money taken in during a particular day goes to PADS

12. Hold a 50/50 raffle

13. Canvassing for awareness and donations in your neighborhood

14. Non-perishable food drive

  • Organize a drive to collect foods that can feed families and individuals staying at PADS’ Emergency Sleeping Rooms
  • After collection, food can be dropped off at the PADS office

Start up a Community Care Club in your school, work or neighborhood and be good will ambassadors for PADS through creating awareness of the organization and planning fundraisers

Closing of the church sites drive:

When the church sites close our guests camp and they need supplies like:

  • Tents
  • Sleeping Bags
  • Cooking pots
  • Pillows
  • Blankets
  • Sun screen
  • Coolers

Gift card drive

Assistance to obtain medications is needed

Gift cards will allow a person to purchase medication, or obtain other necessities such as clothing, personal hygiene supplies, etc

After collection, these items can be dropped off at the PADS office

Host a fund drive at work (with permission from employer)

Host a phone-a-thon

In lieu of giving a holiday / birthday gift, donate to PADS in honor of that person / office / group

Recruit your favorite local band to do a fund raising gig

Gather up pens, pencils and supplies and donate them

Donate towels

Donate a magazine or newspaper subscription to a homeless shelter so guests can use it

If you have tickets to a sporting event or a cultural event, donate them to PADS

Join the monthly giving program with a set donation $10 on up per month